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Terms and Conditions

This website is provided by the company "Spiridon Tours". Before use, we recommend that you read the terms of use below. Each person who uses the services of this website, it confirms and accepts the conditions set forth herein, without exception. When you do use is presumed and your consent under applicable legislation on personal data protection. (Section "Terms of Privacy") 

Conditions Privacy

Spiridon Tours respects your privacy and guarantees that make every reasonable effort to protect them. The processing of such data is always done within the framework of current legislation (Law. 2472/1997 and N.3471 / 2006). We only collect personal data that allow us, since every time you enter an item you presumed to consent to the collection and processing. The security of your data is our constant goal in your online transactions with us.

When making your online ticket market will store what is necessary to fulfill the contract, personal data such as your name, email address and phone number, hotel and room number. The company SPIRIDON TOURS does not sell or rent personal information to third parties. Any transfer of such data to third parties only in cases where the law allows or impose. We are making every reasonable effort to prevent any unlawful or unauthorized processing of your data by third parties.

The protection policy of personal data of our Company, as described herein, is single and applied complementary to each specific regulation of the Company or in terms of transport contract and the conditions for use of this website or the terms of any special programs and services. The Company reserves the right to amend these terms at any time without prior notice, but always with the assurance of your personal data. 

Terms & Conditions, Release and Use Transfer Ticket

1. Right to transport passengers only have to provide a valid e-booking confirmation and a ticket, which bears a unique number that corresponds to all tickets and your personal information mentioned above. 

2. Based on unique number that only the place of departure of the journey, the competent employee of our company will issue the corresponding transfer ticket. 

3. Ticket modified or altered in any way and if the alteration or modification is not made by us are not considered valid and should be repurchased. 

4. Ticket any lost or destroyed, totally or partially, should be repurchased or reprinted.

5. The ticket may be used only for the itinerary shown on it, including the place with the time of departure and the destination and location. The fare paid corresponds to explicitly report in the transport ticket. 

6. A ticket is valuable and therefore the passenger must keep with diligence. 

7. The passenger is obliged to carry a ticket during the journey, and display it to the driver or controller when and if requested. 

8. When the ticket is subject to a discount scheme, the passenger must carry with them proof of deduction (large family card, student card, etc.) and display it when asked.

9. Where no card with him will have to pay the remaining amount. 

Payment policy

The final prices include the legal VAT In some cases our company for the transaction convenience, does not use all the margins and keep prices lower than defined, ever higher.

Luggages transfer

Carrying flammable and explosive materials is forbidden. The passenger’s free luggage carried in the passenger's responsibility. To avoid any inconvenience reason baggage loss, please type in your information or are discreetly onto your luggage to make easy and secure recognition of. (The driver, the conductor, the issuer, the stevedore, it is impossible to know the holders of luggage and do not bear any responsibility in case of receiving them from the wrong person or in case of loss.) The transport of animals is forbidden, except for assistance animals cases infirm or small domestic animals transported in suitable means for this purpose. 

Minors passengers

Prohibited to children aged up to six (6) years without a person accompanying them. Accompanying these children, person in charge of the safe transport of these and take with the child one passenger seat located behind another seat. 

Case of Cancellation or Change Ticket

Returned 70% of the ticket price to the passenger if the cancel the reservation of the position in the long-distance connection line between 14:00-23:00 prior the day of departure, or 50% if you cancel the reservation of the position between 09:00-14:00 before the day of departure. The ticket can be changed as regards the date of travel or be transferred to other persons without charge of such persons (imposed in the case of regular ticket sale to any person entitled to reduced price tickets or free movement of return of the corresponding funds to the original owner ticket). In case of any event (cancellation or changing of the destination, of passenger’s name or date), the control of the ticket should be done by the official clerk of the company Spiridon Tours before the departure.

Compensation case

Transactions with Credit or Debit Cards electronically in real time between the buyer and the card owner with viva Wallet which processes the transaction on behalf of company Spiridon Tours under contract held by two companies. 

In the entire transaction process, the company Spiridon Tours has no participation, nor ever reaches to any data regarding Credit or Debit cards. The company Spiridon Tours simply consents to the bank on the value of the transaction alone.

In the case that the buyer, who is making the transaction, is not the same person as the owner of the credit or debit card, the company SPIRIDON TOURS assumes no responsibility and shall not refund. 

Linking to other websites

This website may contain links and pointers regarding other websites that are owned and maintained by third parties. The company SPIRIDON TOURS does not control any information, products or services contained on these websites. These links and pointers are included sorely for the convenience of Users and do not constitute endorsement by the company Spiridon Tours. The user acknowledges that the access to third-party websites and the further use of these websites is done on his sole responsibility. 

Modification of the Terms

The Company Spiridon Tours reserves the right to change the terms at any time, without prior notice. In any case the new conditions will apply from the publication and posting them on this website. Access and use of the website after the publication of the new conditions presupposes and implies the unconditional acceptance by the User.

Limitation of liability

The company SPIRIDON TOURS does not guarantee the correctness or accuracy of the information contained herein, whether text or pictures or any type of information from anyone if it was registered and is not responsible for any damage or loss, incidental, consequential or otherwise, that any induced or caused by the use of this website or access to it, including the cases of such damage caused by inaccurate data or information as aforesaid. The Waiver of company Spiridon Tours, which the user is presumed that accepts the sole use of this website, does not extend to cases of fraudulently death or injury or gross negligence. 

Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

This contract is governed by Greek law and the law regulating electronic commerce and consumer protection. Any dispute arising from these terms, including those relating to the interpretation and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Rethymno.